Monday, July 21, 2014

Pop a Collar

Hey Summer... Its about to be FALL!! Can you tell when you opened your email last week and this week... end of summer sales and Fall previews everywhere! Where did the time go?! I went to Hobby Lobby just before the Fourth of July and they were installing all the Christmas d├ęcor in 5 rows of shelves!! Its a sign of the times when Hobby Lobby cracks the Christmas whip!
I got inspired by the drop in temp outside because of all the rain to brew some hazelnut coffee, put on a Chambray tunic (Similar Tunic Here) and some black tights, and of course popped the collar (feeling very Nicole Curtis today as she has reruns on all day today). Its hard to not get sucked in to tv when its raining out and the baby is napping, but its always nice to listen to in the background while crankin' out the things-to-do. 
I started my all wood pub chair DIY last night. Husband had sanded a whole chair already so I just brushed it off and wiped it down and started the spray painting. Its going to look so bright and fun when they're both done. I'll be sure to post after photos. Super excited to have 2 more seats in the house, for $35!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Fall Line is Here!!

Get a hold of your ipad or lap top and take a seat.... Stella and Dot Fall line of new jewelry is sooo gonna blow you away. Its everything under the sun for a fresh new take on what to put on. The best part... its different! Its triangles and shapes that you don't see everywhere on everyone. Lots and lots of layers. You can feel like a total individual and pair it with everything you already own.  Here is a sneak peek! This Pyramid and Triangle ring is just so cool.
 Its jewelry that people will stop you and say, "holy cow, that's the coolest necklace... where did you get it?"
(And then you'll gladly respond with a cool chuckle and bat of your eyelashes and say, "well I bought it from Lindsey, its Stella and Dot!")
Mark your calendar, click on the link, start a wish list and hop online July 21st, its all available to you Monday!!
Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Play Time

every day is a frickin' adventure when it comes to taking care of a baby (well he's not really a baby-baby... he's a small mighty might, almost one year old). I try daily to think of the things I should get done, and then I also think of the things that would actually be fun. I know its a rat race to get showered in the morning so I try really hard to get creative and active in the morning so baby gets all the morning wiggles out and will nap. this usually involves taking a jog so I better be ready to just go run. the bob will make baby sleep about 95% of the time. any time of day. it can be our 6:30pm stroll around the neighborhood after dinner and he'll pass out. its kind of wonderful.
today was an experiment in sorting through the refrigerator. he emptied it out, smashed a tomato and then proceeded to put it all back. its the slow in the rat race that makes a day beautiful. I knew I could have whorled through the kitchen to clean it up, but this was something he was very excited about and seriously focused on. it was more than just removing things from the fridge. it was a baby project, and I cant interrupt that kind of science.
Onto the next daily venture... booking booking! Trying hard to make my monthly goals with Stella and Dot, and so far so good. Here is something pretty to drool over, and hope you have fallen in love with this Avalon tote as much as I have. Put these Moraley Flower Stack bands on too, its just perfect!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stella and Dot Sunday Spotlight

I'm highlighting certain product that I find to be a personal favorite for one reason or another. This Sunday is the oh so sweet NANCY stud earrings. As a mom I appreciate small earrings because any and all earrings get yanked on or or your baby thinks they're pretty and wants to play with them... Which then leads to yanking on them; we've come full circle you see? A good stud is something to have as a staple in your wardrobe, it can be worn with everything and because gold metals are making a furocious come back, the Nancy stud in peach (appears like gold vs. silver) is the ideal stud earring.  They are certainly affordable and an excellent gift for your mom or even better... Yourself!