Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ready for Fall

This fall it seems took a really long time to get here and now it's almost Halloween! Gotta find the baby a costume, either Yoda, ninja turtle or get creative and make him be a soccer ball. Gotta figure this one out quick. I'm laying in bed with him (in my bed) waiting for him to wake up, it's the best cuddle, I love when he's in bed with us bc we get to watch him sleep and it's just the most precious time in his day. Love it! 
 Anywho, Stella work is off and running for holidays, booking trunk shows and super excited about each one! I'm loving the weather too, our maple tree is turning red from the top down, we haven't seen the fall in Charlotte yet so I'm thrilled to see the results before winter hits!  My cute little blue chairs are almost done and my dining rm chair project just started... Lots of chairs under construction! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Feeling Inspired

Yesterday while the baby ate Cheerios in my lap, before our walk, I flipped on the tv and at 8:30 in the morning Genevieve Gorder was on hgtv showing an episode of her guest bedroom. I feel like I had a total epiphany! Something about her guest room design totally made my brain click and I instantly knew what we needed to do for our master bedroom! It's currently lavender. Purple. Easter egg pastel. And somehow it's all just okie dokie. I've felt so burnt out from taking care of a 4month old to now a 1 year old and doing painting and renovating at the same time that I've left our master for last bc well (here comes the line of excuses...) we only sleep in that room, and it's usually dark bc we're only up there after the sun goes down.... Yada yada, that room had turned into a lazy excuse. So... Now that I have a spring board of an idea, I feel inspired to change it up and make it awesome. Sometimes the grand ideas just take time and a little inspiration. I don't like to make changes or paint a room 'just because'. Just think, Cian blue, some crazy patterns and wide black and white stripes... With a little bit of copper. Ooh I'm excited!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Simple Things and then some

Today started just as any other day, the baby was in our bed (has been for the past 2 weeks, growth spurt, new teeth). We went for a walk with the dog, enjoyed the most spectacular weather, super breezy and cool. It was super strange b.c its been in the 100's here. At the end of the walk I noticed the dog was walking strange and was almost sitting down and trying to walk at the same time so I checked her out and under her tail was a giant yellow and black bumble bee stuck in her hair! ("holy crap!" I said out loud) and swatted it away with my cell phone (i'm not going to touch a bee). So we go home, I checked out the dog again and she had a tiny red dot on her leg, likely a bee sting. crap-o-la. So I googled really fast how to ease pain of a bee sting for a dog. There was nothing good worth doing. I waited it out and later on saw the red dot was super red and much bigger, and pussy and gross... and the dog was resisting weight on it so I figured this was a-big-deal. I called the vet and got her an appointment.
 I took the baby and the dog to the vet; it was a band wagon of fun, let me tell you. The appointment went well, got some antibiotics, and we started make our way to check out. The baby was getting super cranky/hungry, so I gave him a quick squeeze pouch of apple sauce and walked to the reception. The baby saw a big chocolate lab waiting with his owner, he got excited and squealed his "I just saw a doggy" happy squeal and that then made the dog respond with a super loud and sharp bark which then led to my dog freaking out barking, which then made the baby cry hysterically. I unloaded the baby from the stroller, grabbed the dog and walked outside (just to calm down the situation, remove the crazy). When the baby cries its usually not a big deal, but when the baby cries when he's tired... it takes a long time to calm him down. that was one of those moments. We went back and forth from the inside of the vet to outside twice, bc every time we went back in it was a repeat of the second time. Checked out, took forever, my arms were about to break holding baby and dog (even though I had a stroller with me, the screaming wasn't as bad when I was holding him, so I did). Got in the car and the crying kept going so I gave out one short, loud, crisp and fast "Shhh!!" and all was silent the whole way home (all 1.4 miles of driving). 
That one swift gesture worked ( I was blown away). It reeled back in the crazy moment and things were back to my version of simple, again...
...on to Thursday, I cant wait to squish my lips on to these sweet plump cheeks in the morning and do it all over again.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Pop a Collar

Hey Summer... Its about to be FALL!! Can you tell when you opened your email last week and this week... end of summer sales and Fall previews everywhere! Where did the time go?! I went to Hobby Lobby just before the Fourth of July and they were installing all the Christmas d├ęcor in 5 rows of shelves!! Its a sign of the times when Hobby Lobby cracks the Christmas whip!
I got inspired by the drop in temp outside because of all the rain to brew some hazelnut coffee, put on a Chambray tunic (Similar Tunic Here) and some black tights, and of course popped the collar (feeling very Nicole Curtis today as she has reruns on all day today). Its hard to not get sucked in to tv when its raining out and the baby is napping, but its always nice to listen to in the background while crankin' out the things-to-do. 
I started my all wood pub chair DIY last night. Husband had sanded a whole chair already so I just brushed it off and wiped it down and started the spray painting. Its going to look so bright and fun when they're both done. I'll be sure to post after photos. Super excited to have 2 more seats in the house, for $35!