Thursday, March 20, 2014

Charlotte and Spring

Hello again, its been a heck of a time getting back into the swing of things since our move to NC. We did the 4 day drive with our then 5 month old, and he's now almost 8 months old!! Is blowing my mind how big he's getting and how beautiful he is. Conor has 4-1/2 teeth, his 3rd top toothy is coming in as we speak. He was doing good sleeping thru the night after his big two front teeth came in, but now that the 3rd top one decided to bulldoze its way in he's been waking up once a night. We have so enjoyed our new city, its like a new lease on life, a new permission to get creative and explore like we've never done before. There is sooo much to see, and its all close by (well, within an hr) I love the weather, even the cold - although I never leave house below 35 degrees. Conor is turning into a little kid and can sit up on his own, which means he gets to ride in the cart at the grocery store; it just seems like life is a bit more carefree and just easier to handle. He takes 2+ hr naps and that makes a world of difference in my day. Pretty much satisfied with how things are going.... and the 2 hr nap is over... gotta go get baby. xoxo!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas List!

Seeing as though we're almost to the big day, here is my Christmas wish list... if not for Christmas, I will find a way to get these items throughout the year... because Christmas isn't about blowing away all your money, lets spend it with good people and find good sales after the day. Here we go...
- Since we go the Bob stroller, I'm wanting to keep the boogie warm with this awesome Bob Warm Fuzzy.
- To keep the house hospitable and friendly, always have nice soap and lotion for a guest! Wanting to keep this in the new powder room!
-This one is for me...  a beautiful necklace with my Conor's first initial. Its lovely and simple and a super cool design for the holidays and for everyday wearing. I saw this designer on Author, Emily Giffin's facebook page.
-This is also for Conor, a cool big stuffed animal that I think would be a fun stuffed animal for him until he's a big kid, the Blabla Doll.
-The last awesome gift is a Fitbit Flex to track your fitness and your sleep pattern. I would be interested to see how the sleep monitor works out being that I get up one or two times a night to take care of Conor. This would be a really neat gift for anyone really!
Check it out, hope you all find great deals online, JCrew has 30% off, Old Navy is awesome deals, some things are 50% off too (lots of glitter and sparkle goin' on in that store...just make sure to try things on first, the sewing and sizing can be a little wonk).

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remembering Italy

While I was cleaning up the kitchen tonight I was remembering our Italy trip we took in Sept 2012. We bought two clay tiles with small paintings on them in Florence and they are propped up in the window over our sink. This is the artist, Ariann Farinelli's website: Arianna Decorazioni. They are the most beautiful paintings. I almost want to order a big painting for our new guest bedroom. 
Check it out!

movin on up, to the east side...

That's right you heard it, we're movin' to the East Coast! I couldn't be more excited for this next new chapter. There are so many things I want to do when we get there! We also got a call this morning from our realtor that our offer on the house was accepted! I cant believe we bought a house! No more renting an apt or a house. We get to paint our walls, rip out carpet and pick out our favorite color of hardwood floors... granted this comes with a lot of moolah spending, its stuff that's ours, not borrowed.  We have to do a lot of packing coming up so I didn't put too much effort into the Christmas tree this year, there are maybe 20 ornaments on it, it literally took about 30 min to put together, string lights and hang ornaments. Keep it simple, stupid.
As for Conor, he turned 4 months old on Dec. 8th and weighs 17lbs 8oz and is 25-7/8" long. I couldn't be prouder! Although its so awesome he's getting so big, I had a bone density scan to investigate my potentially broke rib (which I also found out wasn't broken) and it turns out I have bone thinning in my spine!! Of all the places... So now I need to take caltrate and vit d supplements and drink a glass of Silk Almond milk before bed bc its packed with calcium and it helps keep up the breast milk supply. That's just one more thing I have to think about. Better to know and take care of myself now and avoid big problems when I'm old and gray.
  I did just get my package of clothes I bought on Black Friday and got a few great onesies for Conor crazy on sale from Old Navy but that store can be so jacked up sometimes! I bought two pants for me and both were sewn badly and were huge! They will be returned today.
i leave you with some bloopers of Conor's Christmas pictures